Campus System Overview

Whats Unique about it?

A single system that allows you to integrate all your physical security needs through networked stand-alone locks and on-line readers that provide you with real time access control for all your University,School or campus doors.

With our Locks fitted, you will be able to track and control all student and staff movements thoughout your buildings, including individual bedrooms within student residences, common rooms, main entrances, staff cupboards and staff areas.... the possabilities are endless as our locks will fit easily to any door, giving you a complete access control solution across your entire campus.

Virtual Online Performance

The Salto Virtual Network (SVN) is a smart combination of on line and stand alone readers that are accessed by means of intelligent keycards. The Salto SVN achieves performance levels only mached by fully on-line access control systems.

Based on a simple principle: keycards automatically store and convey information back and forth between stand alone locks and your PC. This is achieved by strategically located on-line perimeter access readers that serve as data transporters too.

This principle allows for:

Unmatched Flexibility

Change keycard access priviliges on the fly, no need to walk around with a programming device. No need to recoup keycards or get hold of users. Our Online readers automatically write any schedule changes directly to the keycards.

Adding/deleting users/locks in the system with out reprogramming locks can all be achieved from the comfort of your PC.

Automatic Staff Tracking

With our Salto Access Control System you will able to track all your staff/student movements from the very comfort of your PC. The Salto software Logs complete audit trails of all user data giving you complete report on user movements throughout the day.

This also allows you to see all users who have tried to (unsuccessfully) gain access to any rooms or areas they were not allowed entry into.

Multi departmental Key/Lock Management

Conventional wisdom says: electronic locks are used in residence halls only and other areas security is left to ''ancient'' metal keys and locks. Our Software is able to manage the entire campus including resident housing,labs, sport facilities, offices etc...

Your Entire Campus can be managed by one database.

Each department can have authority to manage only its locks and keycards and will not accidentaly be able to interfere with other departments locks and keycards.

Database Interface

Our System interfaces with your existing and current databases and campus systems.

  • Instant Lost/stolen keycard cancellation
  • Upto date Audit trails
  • Instant keycard access privilige changes.
  • Low Battery Reports

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Secure Your Business

Every business needs a high level of control over who is entering your building and you want to be able to allow access at certain times but restrict access after normal working hours, the Salto XS4 RFID ROM is your Answer. It is designed for use within small to medium sized businesses, retail premises and office building that only need to control small numbers of doors and users.

CCTV Systems

Smart Access Ltd Design, supply and Install professional CCTV surveillance systems to domestic and Commercial premises. If you have a home, shop, office, factory or even multiple locations, contact us to learn what we can do for you to secure your home or job.

Electronic Keypads

We can supply and Install a range of vandal resistant and architectural keypads designed to be very easy to manage. All changes such as access codes and other system settings can be done in a few seconds just by using the keypad. No dismantling is required. Versions to provide higher security on external doors are available.