Abloy Cliq Downloads

Downloads and Video

Whilst we've tried to include the downloads that we think will be useful to you there maybe information that you need with regard to your own application. The ABLOY CLIQ REMOTE system is so flexible that we can't possibly include for all eventualities, so if we've missed something or you need further information then please do not hesitate to contact us.

ABLOY CLIQ REMOTE - how it works

Combining the unique ABLOY PROTEC2 mechanical key systems with high security electronics. Managing systems and key access remotely, in real time.

ABLOY CLIQ REMOTE - double checked access control

Do you want to ensure that the right people are allowed in and the wrong people are kept out?

ABLOY PROTEC2 which is based on the patented rotating disc cylinder mechanism, takes care of the mechanical security at your site, while electronic CLIQ technology allows flexible control of keys, access rights and audit trails


Abloy Padlocks

Abloy Padlocks provide effective protection against drilling, sawing, cutting, twisting or shimming. Includes PL362, the strongest padlock on the market (CEN grade 6).



A new range of padlocks providing the ultimate protection against dust and water. The IP68 designation awarded to ABLOY SUPER WEATHER PROOF (SWP) padlocks indicates a hermetic seal



The ABLOY CLIQ REMOTE system is able to meet the General Design Principles 0.8 (England) published by the Department of Health in Nov 2012 regarding medicine storage facilities

The majority of hospitals, clinics and pharmacy departments across the UK use traditional mechanical lock systems to control and maintain the security of their drug cabinets. A typical hospital ward will have several cupboards and fridges with a different key for each and the ward manager or nurse, who is on duty for that time period, will be responsible for these keys for the duration of their shift.

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Secure Your Business

Every business needs a high level of control over who is entering your building and you want to be able to allow access at certain times but restrict access after normal working hours, the Salto XS4 RFID ROM is your Answer. It is designed for use within small to medium sized businesses, retail premises and office building that only need to control small numbers of doors and users.

CCTV Systems

Smart Access Ltd Design, supply and Install professional CCTV surveillance systems to domestic and Commercial premises. If you have a home, shop, office, factory or even multiple locations, contact us to learn what we can do for you to secure your home or job.

Electronic Keypads

We can supply and Install a range of vandal resistant and architectural keypads designed to be very easy to manage. All changes such as access codes and other system settings can be done in a few seconds just by using the keypad. No dismantling is required. Versions to provide higher security on external doors are available.