Abloy Cliq Software

How it works

ABLOYCLIQ REMOTEis a web based electromechanical locking solution that combines high security mechanical products with an equally secure administration system. An ISO 27001 Accredited hosted server environment provides a secure platform on which the Web Management Client resides, therefore access from anywhere in the world is possible utilising secure encryption via the internet. This allows users to add and remove keys, apply time schedules and view audit trail history from anywhere in the world.

The wall mounted PD allows key holders to update their access rights from remote locations around the site, at the same time downloading audit events and key battery status that have been saved to the key back to the main CLIQ database

Wall PD's can be placed in strategic locations, this allows key changes to be made and implemented without disruption to the working day. The Wall PD's will use the existing LAN/WAN internet to achieve communications with the hosting environment.


The ABLOY CLIQ REMOTE system also offers a personal handheld programming device which links to the GSM Network via a Bluetooth connection to your mobile phone, offering all of the features of the wall PD in a convenient portable device

No data is stored on the device and high level encryption is used in all communication to the remote server, making it highly secure.


  • The key is inserted into the cylinder.
  • The cylinder is powered up by the battery in the key.
  • Encrypted information is transferred between the key and the cylinder.
  • The key will be granted access if:
    • The key is active at the time
    • The time schedule on the key allows the key to access the cylinder at the time
    • The cylinder is known by the key
    • The key is listed in the cylinder's list of authorised keys
    • The mechanical coding allows the key to open the cylinder
  • An audit trail of the key being inserted in the cylinder is saved in the key as well as in the cylinder. Time, date, key and cylinder ID and result is stored in the audit trails.

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Secure Your Business

Every business needs a high level of control over who is entering your building and you want to be able to allow access at certain times but restrict access after normal working hours, the Salto XS4 RFID ROM is your Answer. It is designed for use within small to medium sized businesses, retail premises and office building that only need to control small numbers of doors and users.

CCTV Systems

Smart Access Ltd Design, supply and Install professional CCTV surveillance systems to domestic and Commercial premises. If you have a home, shop, office, factory or even multiple locations, contact us to learn what we can do for you to secure your home or job.

Electronic Keypads

We can supply and Install a range of vandal resistant and architectural keypads designed to be very easy to manage. All changes such as access codes and other system settings can be done in a few seconds just by using the keypad. No dismantling is required. Versions to provide higher security on external doors are available.